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Are we related?
Unlikely. Being named Trygstad does not mean you are necessarily related to anyone else named Trygstad. Trygstad is a place name in Norway and to a great extent anyone coming from there adopted the surname Trygstad; most come from "humble beginnings" and probably had only used patronymics (i.e. father's first name + "son") as surnames before leaving. My great-grandfather, John Trygstad, came to Minnesota at about the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and had six sons including my grandfather, Murray Raymond Trygstad. Unlike most Minnesota Trygstads (who seem to cluster around Rochester and Albert Lea), my great-grandfather settled in Palo, which is just south of Aurora. He did have six sons so there are probably more than a few Trygstads related to me, but very few are in Minnesota and none in Palo. Another family of Trygstads immigrated to South Dakota in the 1860's/1870's; many members of this Trygstad family have been doctors. Another family of Trygstads ended up in Florida; many of them have been dentists.

What about all these Norwegian pages? Unfortunately I cannot read Norwegian so if there is a Norwegian Trygstad out there that would be willing to tackle cataloging the Trygstad pages published in Norwegian, I would appreciate the help. If you have suggestions, comments, or are willing to help with, please email me as well.

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